Worry keeps us from letting go and letting God.

Many Christians profess to trust God’s Will for their lives but when it comes down to letting go and letting God, they can’t. We know that God has a special plan and purpose for our lives and that Jesus can guide us on that path. Most of us don’t have trouble believing this. However, fear develops when we realize that His Will may not be the will we have for ourselves. When we’re afraid of God’s plan, we begin to doubt His Will for our lives. We then must ask ourselves, how do we let go of that fear and our plan and begin to trust Jesus? While we can’t physically hear Jesus, it’s important that we remain confident that God hears us and confident in God’s promises offered through Scripture.

While God calls us every single day to not be afraid, to simply trust Him in everything can be difficult. The Christian life is a constant battle between fear and trust. If we worry too much, we are not living the life God wants for us in Jesus Christ. One of the best ways to overcome worry is to remind yourself that Jesus is with you in all situations, no matter the size or magnitude. While worrying can break us down, Jesus can lift us up.