• Feel the comfort and satisfaction of total body beauty and wellness.

Now see a life that you and your family love, full of good health, physical activity and great memories.

Can you see the metamorphosis taking place? I can. Can you feel the positive changes taking place? I can feel them. We can choose to have the beautiful body and energized life that we have visualized. This is empowerment.

I’m always amazed to see someone’s shock when they realize for the very first time that their mind is actually master over their body. The only reason we won’t win the war on ugly fat and wrinkles is if we don’t consciously force our minds to make win-or-lose decisions about eating.

How can we force our minds to make the right eating decisions? Every time we start to eat or drink, we have to visualize our perfect body image and ask, “Will this food or drink nourish and beautify my body, or will it pour ugly gelatinous fat, sugar and chemicals into it?” This forces us to decide whether or not that extra bite or sip is really more valuable to us than our perfect bodies and being with our families.

Will we always choose the “win” decision? Of course not. We are all human, but remember that persistence always dominates. If we make win decisions consistently over time, we take steps down the right path to our perfect bodies.

Defeat is only temporary until the next win-or-lose decision. If we make the wrong decision we have to immediately decide to make the right decision the next time.

We will refuse to let small, temporary defeats spiral out of control and derail our walk. Let’s not be guilty of The Perfectionist Dieter’s Creed: “If I fall off my diet, I’ve failed, and therefore I am a total failure . . . and therefore I might as well eat this entire pint of ice cream and anything else I find calling my name from the recesses of the fridge. I am a diet sinner and an unworthy worm. Therefore I will eat everything in sight.”

We’ve all been at this point in the past, but let’s refuse to go there in the future. Our inner psychological change gives us the power to say no to spiraling out of control. We will walk the line over time together.

Aaron Tabor, MD., is a diet and nutrition expert and book author. You can learn more about his weight-loss philosophy and weight-loss system by visiting DrTabor.com.

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