In order to inspire you, I'd like to share with you a few stories of real people who have been on my "Joy of Weight Loss" program. Some have read my book, some my daily newsletter at Beliefnet, and others came to my workshops. They are ordinary people, and the names are real. They made small changes in their lives, put their faith into action, and have never given up trying-but they all gave up the problem of being overweight. You can, too. Start by asking God, or your Higher Power, for help. Then make an effort to learn healthy eating habits, and get up and go for a 10-minute walk. Don't forget, read Beliefnet's Weight Loss with Norris daily newsletter, too!

Best Blessings,

Norris J. Chumley

. . . . . . . .

Nancy Fish

Executive Consultant

Boston, Massachusetts

Lost: 75 pounds and has kept it off one and a half years


Nancy first heard of my book from her mom, who also encouraged her to attend my workshop at Kripalu Yoga and Health Center.


She had tried many diets and quick-fix interventions, and had lost weight-but it came back with a vengeance. This time was different. "It just clicked. This is what I needed all along. this is a truly new way," she says, now realizing that she can eat anything in moderation, and enjoy using her body again. For Nancy, losing weight wasn't so much about food or exercise; it was about joy. She discovered there were an infinite number of things that had joyful possibilities: Friendships, caring for others, getting in touch with your true mission in life. Sadly, her Mom passed away this year, but she got through it with help from God-and by sticking with her total program of well-being, she didn't gain a pound.

Nancy's Tip:

"Use the food and activity log in 'The Joy of Weight Loss' book-not just for a few days or a week-I did it for a whole year. That really helped."

Mark Haley

Entertainer and Artist

Edgewater, Florida

Lost: 135 pounds; 60 on Norris' program


Mark found my Beliefnet "Weight Loss with Norris" daily newsletter on the Internet, then got a copy of my book.


He had already lost some weight through dieting, but reached a plateau and needed to lose more. A devoted Christian, Mark decided to ask Jesus for help with his weight. He does this through prayer, staying with a simple "Joy of Weight Loss" food plan, eating anything he likes in small amounts, and being aware of his eating.

He walks for an hour every day, giving treats to the neighbor's dogs along the way! Later, he came to one of my five-day workshops, where he learned what was underneath his problem, and made several new lifelong friends.