How long are your showers?


How many organic beauty products do you own?


How often do you take your clothes to the cleaners?


Do you DIY any of your self-care


Are you open to the idea of wearing used clothing?


Did you know that bamboo can be used for self-care products, such as towels and blankets?


How green is your work-out?

On green work-outs: -Who says you need to buy any equipment to get a good workout? Go out for a morning jog, jump rope, or rent workout DVDs, or do yoga podcasts! -No more water bottles! Use the water fountain, or invest in sturdy travel mug or sports bottle.
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Mostly C’s
We would lecture you more on your carbon excesses, but we don’t want to make you late for your next test drive at the Hummer dealership.
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Your result is:
Mostly B’s
Hello, human! We applaud your efforts for showing interest in bringing more green into your everyday life. It’s time to clean up that carbon footprint and replace the trail of manufactured waste with a trail of good green karma. Keep reading this week for more… and the end of this quiz for a quick green self-care cheat sheet of useful information!
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Mostly A’s
Goddess of the natural earth, do you prefer your seasonal offerings in fruit, vegetables or generous checks to your favorite earth-friendly organization? We can do all of the above.
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