Well, guess what? These are what I call “plastic” obstacles because they are, in fact, changeable.

“No way”, you may say. “I have tried so hard in the past and just couldn’t do it.”

Try asking yourself the $10 million dollar question: If you were guaranteed to receive $10 million IF you exercised three times a week for 30 minutes for 6 months, could you do it ?

If you answer yes (or any variation of affirmation), then the obstacles you have are plastic. This is not to say that overcoming the obstacles and making the changes are easy. But they are possible.

So look at each obstacle and figure out ways to overcome them. Let’s take the ever-present obstacle of “I have no time.”

Research shows that working out for three 10-minute periods is as effective as working out continuously for 30 minutes (and may even result in greater health benefits).