God may be growing along with us as we evolve humanity into greater consciousness, and we may be growing along with God as the Mystery expands its ever-changing, ever-evolving ability to be conscious of itself and life. This concept seems to stretch us beyond any present theology. The far reach of this thinking appears to be that God may not know answers to our worries and concerns in advance. That God is as confounded and uncertain as we are by what might happen next. That God is waiting on the actions of the human family, just as we are, to see what future we will choose.

I see this possibility as good news. It suggests to me that each of us greatly matters to the future of existence. Each of us participates in determining if, and how rapidly, the consciousness that infuses life will expand or will, conversely, contract. This idea presumes we are not victims of a random universe: I make a difference to the Unfolding Mystery in the way I live my life, and so do you. From this perspective we can begin to see ourselves as partners with the Mystery in shaping the future of life on this planet and throughout the cosmos. Although some people may call this view arrogant or heretical, I call it humbling. The thought that I am called upon to live my ordinary life in such a way that I enable humanity to move forward in consciousness, and perhaps help God make leaps of consciousness as well, touches me profoundly and has me considering every step I take more thoughtfully.

This leads me back to those "little slips of paper." Just as we might partner with the Mystery in the evolving experience we call life, so might the Mystery be partnering with us, as we become what a number of prominent theologians call "God bearers" and others call "bearers of light." Such a proposition suggests that we are on this path with a map, although we often seem not to be. The map is actively constructed of all those clues to the Mystery that are dropped in our way. As in this book, many of those clues come to us in the form of stories, some personal and some transcending the personal to become universally applicable. We find these clues and piece them together until the puzzle begins to form a recognizable shape and direction. In this way, the Mystery we call God is a not a being, but an internal compass that points us toward true north, or home.