So, therefore, because of that kind of appearances, you feel unbearable worry, or uncomfortable. So, when our mind thinks about whole, think about others, then automatically our mind is widened. The result: One's own problem, then, is in that vast area, one's own problem then cannot be as significant, cannot be great big thing. So, the same problem, because of mental attitude, makes differences. So, therefore, to think of just one's self, and these negative emotions--hatred, fear, jealousy--these are very bad for our life, even for health.

So, the basis of hatred is being narrow-minded, self-centered. These are the foundation, basic causes of hatred. Because if you accept, if you acknowledge or realize that other people also have the right to have happy life, then you have respect for other. Then, you see, this kind of ill feeling would not arise. So, therefore, these negative emotions, destructive emotions, these are very bad for our health, as well as for our life.

So, then, how to transform our mental attitude? As I mentioned earlier, it's right from the beginning. We have both potential: positive, negative. So, under those circumstances--the development of positive emotions and some kind of restraint of the negative emotion--that is the way of transforming our mind, training the mind.

So, you see, that [transformation] is not through meditation--meditation here means to just close our eyes, then you sit without moving--or some prayer, even some, I think, physical exercise may not much effective to transform our mind. I'm not saying, in order to transform our mind, we should follow religious faith. I'm not saying that. Just through awareness, analyze. And also, you see, we can examine our daily experiences. One day, even if the previous day you have had some kind of a quarrel with other with strong feelings of anger, hatred, or jealousy, like that. But even next day, next day morning, your mood is not so smooth. So that even if the anger is no longer there, the hatred no longer there. But still, some traces of negative emotion is there.

So, go like that day by day. If more negative emotions constantly arise, your whole daily life become uncomfortable or cause a bad mood. So therefore, in order to achieve peace of mind, we must deal with these negative emotions. So, that's the process of changing of our attitude, of our transforming our mind.

Look, generally through education systems, through education, our ignorance, our ignorant mind transformed, made more aware. So, similarly, there also is a transformation of our mind through awareness. So, similarly, of course there is the external danger. Like some materials, some materials, something poisonous. Through awareness, we can avoid. We can overcome the danger of that as they are, the danger of that poison.

So, similarly, through awareness we can possibly, we can avoid the... [Tibetan conversation]

Translator: So, as you develop a deeper understanding of the dynamics of your emotions and your thought processes, then gradually you will be able to learn a way of discipline where you can distance yourself further and further away from these destructive emotional tendencies.

DL: So, that is, I believe, the transformation through use of basic good qualities of human nature. Through that way, we can transform. So, in modern time, I feel it is, I think, very, very important to promote basic human values. Otherwise, in the future, only material development will be the goal, and [we will] neglect our inner values. Then humanity, I think, will face more problems.

So, therefore, at the individual level, or family level, or community level, or even at a global level, the basic human values are very, very essential. So, let us try to have better awareness about inner values. Then accordingly, try to promote, try to strengthen, these inner values. This is one thing I want to share with you. All have the same sort of, I think, potential and ability to promote.

First, one individual: Try to be more happy person through awareness. Through that way, we can share our experience with family member, then your community. So, that's the way of transformation of humanity.

Then another thing that I want to share with you. When we talk about the future, there's no guarantee about the future. Anyway, future is uncertain. But at the same time, future is vast. Very open, very open. So, it is quite clear, if we human being, we humanity, to properly use our human intelligence, and properly use our energy, our ability, certainly we can overcome many problems, because many problems essentially man-made problems. So, therefore, if we utilize wisely our natural ability, then certainly we can, if not completely eliminate, but certainly we can reduce man-made problems.