Teilhard de Chardin's World-Transforming Mysticism
  • Read an excerpt from Teilhard's "The Future of Man"
  • Poll: Does evolution have a spiritual purpose?

    Can Evolution Explain Religion?By Richard Dawkins
    Plus: Robert Wright and Daniel Dennett debate evolution

    Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Two bioethicists face off

    Why Humans Are Nice: Science Studies Altruism
  • The Kindness of Strangers: Helping people who aren't genetically related
  • Is there an evolutionary reason why some people behave more altruistically than others?

    Should Humans Live Forever?
    Yes, say transhumanists | Probably not, says a bioethicist

    Conscience Clauses for Doctors
  • Pro: Don't force doctors to act against their beliefs
  • Con: Doctors shouldn't impose their moral views on their patients

    The Islamically Correct Test-Tube Baby

    Would Alien Life & Human Theology Mix?

  • No, says a creation scientist
  • Yes, say a Catholic astronomer and a Muslim doctor

    "Intelligent People Don't Need the Supernatural"
    Interview with Richard Dawkins

    Medical Students Take Patients' "Spiritual History"

    Poll: In-Utero Disabilities

    A God Outside of Time  By Kitty Ferguson

    Scientist: Faulty Methodologies Plague Meditation Studies

    Intelligent Design: Dead as the Dodo | Legitimate Approach The Faith of the Columbia Shuttle Crew

    The Lama in the Lab
    Researchers study Buddhist practice and destructive emotions

    Does Prayer Really Heal?
    The life and work of Dr. Elisabeth Targ

    Attack of the Bad Sci-Fi
    Why George Lucas's vision of cloning doesn't make sense--even in the sci-fi world. By Orson Scott Card

    An Eye for an Eye: Organ Donation
    Some Should Get Special Treatment by Joseph Telushkin
    It's Probably Not Against Your Religion by Gregg Easterbrook
    Donate One, Get One Free: One hospital's experiment

    Prescription: Prayer
    Should doctors encourage patients to participate in spiritual activities? By Dale Matthews

    Biochemist-Priest Wins Templeton Prize

    The God Spot
    Are those who see visions and talk with God holy or sick?

  • html">A God Beyond Time
    What came before the Big Bang? By Paul Davies

    Designed to Love
    Three M.D.'s on why we need more human contact and more emotion

    Mormon Sci-Fi Writers

    Saying Thanks
    Good manners, good health