The following letter was sent to the Christian Coalition mailing list in response to the nomination of Sen. John Ashcroft as George W. Bush's attorney general.

I need you to take action right away ...because this time the liberals have gone too far!

I am asking you to sign a petition to the U.S. Senate urging them toconfirm Sen. John Ashcroft as Attorney General. Click here to sign the petition online.

Ever since President-elect George W. Bush announced his nomination of Sen.Ashcroft, the radical liberals (National Organization for Women, PlannedParenthood and others) have been running scared.

They know that Sen. John Ashcroft will fulfill the job of Attorney Generalby ensuring that the laws are faithfully and impartially executed -- a far cry from Janet Reno's politically-charged and scandalous JusticeDepartment!

And the liberals know that when Sen. Ashcroft takes charge, their days aschampions of immorality and deceit will be over.

Now they are determined to do everything in their power to keep Sen.Ashcroft out of the Justice Department. They have even stooped so low as tostart a smear campaign and attack his Christian beliefs.

We cannot sit by and let this happen.


Here's what I'm asking you to do immediately:

  • SIGN OUR PETITION to the U.S. Senate alerting them of our desire to seeAshcroft confirmed by clicking here.

  • FORWARD THIS EMAIL to your friends and family, so they can alsosign the petition!

    We cannot back down -- we have waited too long to see godly Americansleading our country!

    If you would like to support this nationwide campaign, please click here to send a gift.

    I need to hear from you immediately -- please sign the petition rightaway -- the Senate will begin voting soon!

    We cannot allow the liberals to win this battle!