Conservatives across the nation have breathed a collective sigh ofrelief on Wednesday night as President-elect George W. Bush,following five weeks of an extraordinary political battle, addressedthe nation and outlined his goals as the nation's 43rd president.

Thankfully, Vice President Gore was gracious in his concession,announcing he will work toward uniting the nation behind our newpresident. I have been hard on Mr. Gore in the last several months- not because I think he is a terrible man, but because I think hispolicies would be disastrous for America. Speaking as anuncompromising conservative, I am glad Mr. Gore was ultimatelymagnanimous in defeat.

However, the Democrats are already actively pursuing their owninterests in an attempt to design party control in the House andSenate in 2002 and in the White House in 2004. (History suggeststhat Democrats will indeed take control of the Congress in 2002.)Democrats even hope to advance themselves within the Bush WhiteHouse and in congressional leadership roles despite the fact thatRepublicans control both Houses.

The important thing is that we who elected Mr. Bush continue to makeour voices heard and not rest on our laurels after winning such ahard-fought political battle. Mr. Bush was elected on aconservative mandate and we must vocally support him as he works toadvance his core agenda - improving our schools (not just continuingto throw money at them while they collapse), reinforcing Medicare,strengthening our military and cutting taxes.

I pray also that, under Mr. Bush's leadership, we will witness ahalt to the present antagonism against people of faith and that wecan see legislation passed to halt the senseless killing of unbornchildren through partial-birth abortion. It will be through Mr.Bush's court appointments--nominating jurists without activistagendas that ignore the Constitution--that these assaults on lifeand religious freedom will be halted.

Mr. Bush will need our undivided support--and more importantly, ourprayers--as he simultaneously works to unite our divided nation,enact a conservative agenda, and spearhead an ethicaladministration. No man can accomplish such a daunting task withoutthe prayers of God's people.

Mr. Bush will enter a White House that has enacted an agendastrikingly contrasting his own.

In fact, as Mr. Bush prepares to enter the White House, PresidentClinton is attempting to convince Congress to approve a massivespending increase that would further erode the nation's traditionalfamily values. At issue is a $109 billion funding bill for theLabor, Health and Human Services and Education departments, which--as it stands--contains an incredible 12% increase over last year's$97 billion funding level.

Worse, a major part of the massive increase would go to PlannedParenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider. This compromisebill has left out an important amendment sponsored by Sen. JesseHelms (R-N.C.), a great pro-family champion, that would keep school-based clinics from actually passing out the "morning-after" pill toteenage girls, unless they have parental notice.

This is the political environment Mr. Bush is entering. It is anenvironment that believes parents should have little or no say intheir children's education ... that young girls should be givenabortion information and, in some cases, abortion pills at school... that women and girls should be able to terminate their unbornchildren--for virtually any reason--through partial-birth abortion... and that Christian conservatives should keep their collectivemouths shut while our nation's moral fabric is devastated.

According to the American Family Association, in recent monthsPlanned Parenthood has spent at least $10 million to defeat pro-lifeconservatives in Congress. Nevertheless, Republican leaders havereportedly reached an agreement with Mr. Clinton that compromisesmany pro-family concerns in this bill. If this is the kind of weakcongressional leadership from Republicans that awaits Mr. Bush, hewill face many problems in the Oval Office.

That is why George W. Bush needs our prayers. And that is why wemust continue to do our part to help him. The first place we canstart to help is by fighting against the Labor/HHS bill--H.R. 4577--which could be voted on in Congress very soon, meaning it isimportant that we take action immediately.

Therefore, I am urging all my friends to call their congressionalleaders to express their opposition to the compromise version of theLabor and Health and Human Services Appropriations bill. Rememberto always be polite when expressing your opinion.

And please remember to keep George W. Bush in your prayers!