Friends, in a press interview this AM, I said, "We Baptists call thisa great testimony ... A DUI 24 years ago ... Met and married a sweetChristian girl the next year ... Billy Graham led him to Christshortly thereafter ... At age 40, became a teetotaler and hasn't had a drink in 14 years ... Served two terms as Governor of our secondlargest state ... Reads his Bible and prays with his family ... Bottomline: A perfect candidate for deacon or Sunday School teacher ... ordriver of the church van."

"Further, while he had told everyone he had a drinking problem inyounger years, for the sake of his twin girls emulating his behavior,he decided not to detail publicly this incident." I went on to say,"He was spotted by a police officer because he was 'driving soslowly' ... He tried to pull no strings ... Paid his fine ... Wascourteous to everyone ... Surrendered his Maine driving privileges ...And most importantly, he didn't drive off a bridge and kill anyone."

Now, the big question is ... Who dunnit? Today's articles indicta Gore supporter and henchman as the culprit. I wouldn't be surprisedif the trail doesn't ultimately lead directly to the Clinton/Goreadministration. In my opinion, the Sunday morning news circuit willbe swirling with ... THE DIRTY TRICK ... and who is responsible. ENDRESULT? A stink is now attached to Gore and will follow him intomillions of voting booths November 7. Polls will probably remainconstant, in Bush's favor ... or slightly climb.