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    The Election and Recount    (back to index)
    How the Faithful Voted: Religion and the 2000 Presidential Election
    By John C. Green, James L. Guth, Lyman A. Kellstedt, Corwin E. Smidt

    Is America Two Countries Masquerading as One Nation?
    The election results reveal a deeply divided nation, with divisions that transcend region and socio-economic status.
    By Richard Land

    God, Not Chads
    How George Bush used religious talk to woo evangelicals without alienating moderates.
    By Steven Waldman

    I Need a Hero
    We finally have a president, but we have no winners. What America needs now is hope.
    By Joan Chittister, OSB

    Ten Days for Democracy
    An invitation to join others in praying with our legs, in the spirit of King and Heschel.
    By Rabbi Arthur Waskow

    The Electoral College: What's This All About?
    This country was never intended to be a direct democracy.
    By Charles Colson

    Two Points the Election Pundits Have Missed
    Despite the intense coverage, the media have overlooked two critical issues.
    By Gregg Easterbrook

    The Rule of Law Must Prevail
    No matter who won the popular vote, if Bush took Florida, he should be president.
    By Charlotte Hays

    A Morality Scorecard
    So far, Bush is the one who has flouted ethics, but Gore may catch up.
    By Steven Waldman

    A National Unity Government
    Transcending ego is the only way to solve our election crisis.
    By Michael Lerner

    The Mislaid Election
    The choice between stability and justice is a false one.
    By Rabbi Arthur Waskow

    Do We Have Ourselves to Blame for the Recount Process?
    In a two-party system, it might be immoral to vote for splinter candidates who seem the most moral.
    By Joan Chittister, OSB

    Caesar and Christ
    Should we disobey our government?
    By Charles Colson

    Arbitrary, Capricious, and Fair
    A coin toss would make the winner feel blessed rather than entitled.
    By Steven Waldman

    The Rule of Law, or the Rule of the Courts?
    Why are the courts picking our president?
    By Gary Bauer

    Christians, Politics, and the Uncertainty of the Future
    What does the election mean to American Christians?
    By T.D. Jakes

    Would King Solomon Choose Bush or Gore?
    Perhaps the wise king would suggest a compromise.
    By Jack Miles

    What Florida Could Learn From Urim and Thummim
    The biblical selection process was laborious, slow, and wise.
    By Jack Miles

    A House Divided
    The closeness of this presidential election shows what neither candidate talked about--how divided we are over our basic values.
    By Gary Bauer

    Prayer Warfare?
    Many evangelical Christians are praying that God will intervene in the Florida recount.
    By Christine Wicker

    The Religious Right Backed Their Boy
    Bush's ability to capitalize on this potent minority may have been what blocked Gore from victory.
    By John Green

    A Time for Reflection: Analyzing the 2000 Election
    The election results reveal a national case of moral schizophrenia.
    By Charles Colson

    Ralph Nader and the Greater Evil
    By Joseph Telushkin

    Whoever Wins, America's the Loser
    Republicans support freer access to guns. Democrats support abortion. Either way, the new government will legitimize violence.
    By Father John Breck

    Church/State Separation    (back to index)
    Stand and Pray
    By Christine Wicker