How can you deal with persecution?

Unfortunately, persecution against Christians in the United States is not something that is avoidable. It is something that Christians will have to deal with and understand. The key to coping and dealing with the persecution of Christians and Christianity in the U.S. is our reaction to our persecution. The key to understanding and thriving through the persecution is in reacting as Jesus Christ did. Jesus did not seek revenge on His enemies but rather, He was called to turn the other cheek. When Jesus Christ was on the cross, He prayed for forgiveness for those who put Him there. We can do the same.

Christians are different from others of the world, and those who are different tend to get judged. The followers of Christ have been persecuted from the beginning, but we can grow and overcome the negativity. Stand up for what you know is true, share Jesus with others, and ignore those who want to put you down.