1 Obamacare is in trouble. The reasons are many, primarily that the White House has ignored the values of most Americans.

“The weather may be chilly, but it’s nothing compared to people’s reactions to Obamacare,” says the Family Resource Council’s Tony Perkins. “This month, the only thing falling faster than the temperature is the number of the new law’s supporters. Making matters worse, the policy’s biggest defectors seem to be the ones most crucial to it: the medical community.”

Also extremely unhappy are Catholic hospitals, Christian-owned businesses and faith-based colleges, all which have been informed they will provide health care to employees that they find morally reprehensible – such as abortion on demand and free contraceptives.

Author Jacqueline von Zwehl says she is concerned about the hardship Obamacare is having upon all devout Christians and most especially Christian marriages. “The Affordable Care Act mandate forces health insurance coverage that pays for contraception, sterilization, birth control, and ‘abortion-causing’ drugs like the morning after pill, which violates the covenant of Christian marriage,” says von Zwehl. “These mandates place a substantial burden on Christians to dutifully practice their faith This is a clear violation of the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993.”

2She cites the American Religious Identification Survey in which over 76 percent of all Americans identified themselves as Christian. More than 25 percent said they were Catholics and 36 percent stated they attend church services every week or more.

“Based on these facts,” writes von Zwehl, “more than one third of our nation’s population are actively practicing Christians who must now choose between violating their faith and violating the law. This is not an issue concerning a small minority but rather a significant majority of Americans.

“The Affordable Care Act is looking more like the Anti-Christian Act,” von Zwehl states. “Our religious beliefs and our right to practice as protected by the Constitution are coming under direct attack.”

Christian business owners have taken this issue to the high court as the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. v. Sebelius, a case challenging the Obama administration over whether a company must pay for birth control drugs that conflict with an owner’s religious beliefs. Additional cases, which challenge the Affordable Care Act, include Indiana v. IRS and Pruitt v. Sebelius, which take issue with the “Employer Mandate”.

3“The President’s health care law made it to the Supreme Court once before,” writes Perkins, “but Americans are hoping for a different outcome this time around. While Congress sorts out the legislative chaos, it looks like the high court will be taking its second crack at Obamacare to find out ‘if you like your freedom, can you keep it?’

“This time around,” writes Perkins, “the justices will hear two of the most important religious liberty cases in American history as they relate to the President’s abortion-contraception mandate. At issue is whether faith-loving Americans will have to pay for drugs or procedures they morally oppose as a price of doing business.

“Of the more than 84 lawsuits filed against the mandate, the Supreme Court will hear the arguments of a pair of family-owned businesses: Hobby Lobby (with its 13,000 employees) and Conestoga Wood Specialties (with 950 employees). Together, they represent two of the hundreds of companies that have been ordered by the government to compromise their pro-life beliefs or face crippling (and potentially business-ending) fines.

“Apparently, the Obama administration thinks it found some fine print in the U.S. Constitution that somehow disqualifies business owners from the First Amendment,” says Perkins.

“Imagine if we were to sit down with the Pilgrims at that first Thanksgiving table. It might surprise them to learn that their future government doesn’t think they’re entitled to religious freedom in their daily toil,” writes Matt Bowman of Alliance Defending Freedom. “Today, in the view of our government, anyway, freedom means keeping your faith — as long as you keep it to yourself.”

4Just how panicked is the administration over the lawsuits’ chances? “In a desperate move,” writes Perkins, “the White House’s senior advisor Valerie Jarrett tried to smear Hobby Lobby as an enemy of women’s health — when in fact, no employee would have to go without the care they want.

All Hobby Lobby, Conestoga Woods, and countless other business owners are asking is that the government keep employers out of it — just as they had for dozens of years before Obamacare.