Unitarian Universalism




Religions on Homosexuality

Faith Stance Ordain Unions
"Unitarian Universalists have long called for the full inclusion of bisexual, gay, and lesbian people in church and society."
Source: www.uua.org
Yes Yes
The movement has been "in the vanguard of the support for the full recognition of equality for lesbians and gays in society."
Source: www.uahc.org
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Encourage participation and membership of homosexuals.
Source: Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, Wyncote, Pa
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Split. Parts favor greater inclusion, but many rabbinical decisions have rejected that. "While affirming our tradition's prescription for heterosexuality, [we] support full civil equality for gays and lesbians in our national life, and . reiterate that, as are all Jews, gay men and lesbians are welcome as members in our congregations."
Source: United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism rabbinical decisions
No No
Homosexual acts are sinful; gays and lesbians expected to be celibate.
Source: Rabbinical decisions
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Homosexual behavior is a sin, while homosexual inclination is considered private. Homosexuals have been put to death in Iran, which follows a strict interpretation of Islamic law. A small Muslim gay rights movement is taking hold in the United States and Britain.
Source: Dr. Maher Hathout, director of the Islamic Center of Southern California, and www.religioustolerance.org
No formal clergy No
Split. One of the Buddha's five precepts of right conduct is, "I undertake to observe the precept to abstain from sexual misconduct." None of the three schools of Buddhism comes down on homosexuality--the Buddha himself didn't--but some sects interpret it as a violation of the precept on sexual conduct.
Source: Thanissaro Bhikkhu, abbot of Metta Forest Monaster, Valley Center, California; religioustolerance.org">www.religioustolerance.org
No formal clergy No position