Let Women Preach
There is no basis for the popular notion that prophesying or preaching is a uniquely masculine act.
By J. Lee Grady

Banishing the Bible from Campus
Colleges are treating evangelical and Orthodox Jewish students like outcasts and bigots for their views on gays and sex.
By Elliott Abrams

Orthodox Feminism: Not an Oxymoron
Judaism's Orthodox feminist movement has succeeded in opening doors for women committed both to Jewish law and gender equality.
By Blu Greenberg

Love, Honor, and Obey?
What the Qur'an says about a wife obeying her husband.
By Sa'dullah Khan

Queer at Christmas

  • Being Queer at Christmas By Mary Ann Moore
  • A Gay Agenda for Christmastime By Deborah Levinson
  • Check One: Male, Female, or Transgendered
    We must treat the transgendered with compassion, but also protect the right to say there's treatment for gender confusion.
    By Deborah Belonick

    The Gay Man as Spiritual Adept
    From the introduction to 'Gay Spirituality:' Why the author believes gay men represent the future of religion.
    By Toby Johnson

    Letting My Hair Down
    Orthodox women must cover their hair after marriage. But after years of struggle, my feminism beat out my Orthodoxy on this one.
    By Tova Mirvis

    Boy-Unfriendly Places
    Why are schools failing our sons?
    By Charles Colson

    Sex, Celibacy, and Single Life After 50
    There must be a better way than asking single people to 'pray away' their sexuality. It's time to revisit the issue
    By Hilda R. Davis

    Christianity's Sexiest Saint
    Mary of Magdala was the first to learn that Christ had risen. Feminists now look to her as they hope for other firsts
    11/01/00 By Heidi Schlumpf

    In the Bedroom With Bukiet
    The author of 'Neurotica' explains why a nice Jewish boy would compile an anthology of Jewish erotica
    By Lisa Keys

    Mind, Body, and Soul
    Our culture has launched an assault on the body, but it's time to reclaim our physical selves as spiritually vital to who we are
    By Lilian Calles Barger

    Women Clergy: The Numbers
    A clear profile of women clergy is emerging: liberal, feminist, tolerant, and concerned about the poor
    By Martin E. Marty

    No Room for Compromise
    Christianity's integrity rides on how religious people deal with gay rights
    by John Shelby Spong

    Gays and the Boy Scouts: Three Opinions

  • Gary Bauer: Assemble With Care
  • Dan Wakefield: On My Honor
  • Orson Scott Card: What Will Mormons Do?
  • Disciplining an Adulterer
    After my extramarital affair was discovered, God's tough love allowed me to get back another love--my husband's
    By Lorrie Wilson

    html">Gender Separation at Prayer
    Keeping men and women separate in the pews fosters community--as long as the women are not left out
    By Steven Greenberg

    Husbands at the Helm
    Make the Promise Keepers message endure by taking spiritual responsibility for your household--and its dirty dishes
    By Larry A. Jackson