"Several press accounts have noted that John Roberts and his wife Jane Sullivan Roberts followed [prominent Catholic priest] Monsignor Vaghi from St. Patrick's, his old parish in Washington, D.C., to Little Flower, and that Vaghi presided at their wedding. This has given conservative Catholic leaders who respect Vaghi confidence that Roberts is not cut from the same liberal cloth as Catholic Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Observing that the Robertses are close to Monsignor Vaghi, Austin Ruse, president of the Culture of Life Foundation, told the press that 'For people like me who are reading the tea leaves, it is another marker that we can breathe easy.' Leonard Leo, who is executive vice president of the Federalist Society and spearheads 'Catholic outreach' for the Republican Party, has also assured conservative Catholics that Roberts will not follow the same path as Anthony Kennedy."

Are You Sure It's a Dentist She Needs?

Unitarian seminarian Lisa Sargent is a paid Planned Parenthood chaplain. Here's a description of her encounter with a young woman:

"Dark circles ring her eyes. Are you religious, spiritual, Sargent asks the woman after introducing herself.

"No, the woman says.

"'I believe there's a higher power. I'm not sure what it is.'

"'I hear ya,' Sargent says. 'Do you believe there's a loving God that cares about you?'

"It's hard sometimes, when bad things happen to you or other people, the woman says, looking down.

"At her annual PAP smear, she learned she had a venereal disease, from a former boyfriend, she explains. Now her fiancé has it.

"'I'm glad you're here,' Sargent says. 'I'm glad you're taking good care of yourself.' It's hard, the woman says.

"With no insurance, no dental insurance, it's hard, pointing to her decaying teeth.

"Sargent gives her information about a dental clinic that could help."

In "The Gospel According to Planned Parenthood," Dawn Eden comments on Sargent's interesting practices of handing out rocks and her ritual of washing her hands between patients:

"The Lady Macbethian hand-washing, we're told by reporter Jill Tucker, is 'a ritual. A cleansing, allowing [Sargent] to move on to the next person.'...

"[Sargent's] message to patients is simple: 'Your life is important to God.'

"Translation: 'Your' life is important to God. Your baby's is not. Here, take a nice, shiny rock."


"In the past two weeks," writes columnist Michael Portillo, "Britain has been stunned to discover that there are people living here who have resisted integration and who loathe this country.

"London's resilience tells a more encouraging story. The capital's population is extremely diverse. As proof of that, fewer than half the names of those killed on the 7th look Anglo-Saxon. Today's Londoners come in all colours and from every cultural background. Yet they have inherited the city's historic attitudes of nonchalance, bloody-mindedness and defiance from the generation that survived the blitz. Mass murder in London has not been greeted with wailing in the streets but with a determination to continue life as usual in this city of perpetual sirens....

"It is easy to explain how the Londonistan phenomenon (the concentration of Muslim political activists in the capital) has come about. For years foreign governments have complained that dissidents settled in Britain were using the fax and the internet to foment discontent in their countries. Our response has been dilatory. Under our asylum rules we have made no distinction between the innocent victims of persecution and others intent on bringing down states."

Can You Hear Me Now?

Cardinal Arinze spoke to a group of Catholics in Pennsylvania and gave the best answer yet to an oft-posed query:

"One question concerned whether Catholic legislators who support legal abortion should 'be refused' Communion.

"'Should the person be given [Communion]? And I ask you, do you really need a cardinal from the Vatican to find the answer?' he said to laughter and applause from an audience of 120 ardent Catholics. 'Are there no children from First Communion to whom you can pose the question and receive the answer? You do not need a cardinal to answer that. Because it is a straightforward matter.'"