The Air Force has cleared a brigadier general accused of violatingthe Constitution by proselytizing non-Christian cadets at the U.S. Air ForceAcademy.

The military service determined that the allegation against Brig. Gen.Johnny Weida, the commandant of cadets at the academy, "was notsubstantiated," said Jennifer Stephens, an Air Force spokeswoman, in aWednesday (Sept. 7) statement.

The Air Force Inspector General's office investigated whether Weidaviolated the First Amendment's Establishment Clause by "using a religiouscommunicative code to facilitate the proselytizing of non-Christian cadets."

Weida, an evangelical Christian, was investigated for his outspokenpromotion of faith and had been criticized for promoting the National Day ofPrayer in an e-mail message.

"Gen. Weida has readily acknowledged that his actions were inappropriateand has taken positive, visible corrective actions that reflect his truecharacter," Stephens said. "Since the incident in question, Gen. Weida hasalso been a key leader in terms of strengthening and improving religiousaccommodation policies for cadets of all religions, along with those whoclaim no religion," at the academy in Colorado Springs, Colo.

On Aug. 29, the Air Force service issued new interim guidelines urgingits military members and civilian employees to protect the free exercise ofreligion. Those guidelines were called for in a June report thatinvestigated the religious climate at the academy.