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Beliefnet Voter's Guide
Who's getting your vote? Beliefnet's guide to religious positions on the candidates can help you make your choice November 2.

The B-Log: Election Edition
How religion impacted the 2004 election.
By the Editors of Beliefnet

Seven Myths About Faith & Politics
The truth about the politics of evangelicals, Catholics and seculars.
By Steven Waldman

Faith Works?
Strong performance among evangelicals and traditional Catholics in key states propels Bush's victory.
By Steven Waldman and John Green


Star-Crossed Election Gridlock
Who'll be our next president? Our valiant astrologer tries to make sense of a tight race in tense times.
By Shelley L. Ackerman

Election 2004: Even the Astrologers Can't Agree on the Outcome
Astrologers are foreseeing surprises -- even mayhem -- this unpredictable political season.
By Shelley Ackerman

The Astrological Chart of George W. Bush
He has an auspicious birthdate, his Sun is in the 'serve or suffer' house�and he has the curse of Tecumseh to overcome.
By Shelley L. Ackerman

The Astrological Chart of John F. Kerry
Do his planets describe a man at war with himself or a Man for All Seasons?
By Shelley L. Ackerman

The Candidates and their Faith

When Piety Takes Center Stage
For talking about their faiths, the candidates should be praised not pilloried.
By Steven Waldman

Presidential Candidates on Religion
An ongoing record of the Democratic presidential hopefuls' comments on religion and spirituality.
Wesley Clark
Howard Dean
John Edwards
Dick Gephardt
John Kerry
Dennis Kucinich
Joseph Liberman
Carol Moseley Brown
Al Sharpton

The Spiritual Lives of the Candidates: Beliefnet Interviews
Wesley Clark: "I'm Spiritual. I'm Religious. I'm a Good Christian."
Dennis Kucinich: "This Conversation is a Meditation."
George W. Bush: "We Are All Sinners."
Joseph Lieberman: "Thank God I had the Sabbath!"

John Edwards on Faith
Presidential candidate John Kerry's running mate, John Edwards, on his personal faith, faith and politics, prayer, and more.

Howard Dean "Finds" Jesus
Dean rushes in where political angels have feared to tread.
By Cal Thomas

Memo to Gephardt
Word to the wise presidential candidate: throw some Yiddish into your trade policy speeches. A parody adapted from The Washington Monthly
By Tucker Carter

George W. Bush:

If Bush Isn't Curious, It's Not God's Fault
The idea that faith makes Bush close-minded is anti-religion. But it also lets Bush off the hook.
By Steven Waldman

An Evolving Faith
Does the president believe he has a divine mandate?
By Deborah Caldwell