Every casualty report I see makes me ill: more dead for no reason. So don't give me the "big picture" crap and argue that our fearless leader can't care about a few soldiers--this leader can't even bring himself to sign letters of condolence to parents and wives of the dead. That's right. In yet another precedent, Bush and Rumsfeld's signatures are machine-inked.

Enough. Once again, thanks to all of you who showed up to do something more than blah blah blah.

Google Declares War on Book-burners

Just yesterday President Bush met with an Alabama state senator (Scroll down to December 10: Why is Bush meeting with this man?) who's crazed to ban books. (Wouldn't you love to know what the First Librarian had to say about this? On second thought, she probably had nothing to say--she runs the Stepford branch.).

But then we wake up today to front-page news about Google. The New York Times reports:

Google, the operator of the world's most popular Internet search service, plans to announce an agreement today with some of the nation's leading research libraries and Oxford University to begin converting their holdings into digital files that would be freely searchable over the Web...

The goal is to expand the Web beyond its current valuable, if eclectic, body of material and create a digital card catalog and searchable library for the world's books, scholarly papers and special collections.Couldn't be a clearer division of values. On one hand, here's an effort to preserve all human knowledge and make it instantly accessible around the planet. On the other, there's a crusade to put on blinkers and--who knows?--punish those who refuse to consign state-designated "filth" to the basement.

What, I wonder, will the Forces of Darkness make of the Google threat? It's an easy enough matter to burn a library. But this Internet thing--I hear it's big, and growing bigger.

The "Natalists"--One More Scary Story David Brooks Missed

Apparently, these people aren't limited to one uptopia in Colorado. A friend in North California writes:

They're here too. They are the creatures in my neighborhood. They all left San Francisco, where they sold their tract homes for a million. Came here and bought 5,000 sq. foot "Monster Homes" for a half a million. Wife and mother gets to stay home and have kids. It is not as interesting as "Desperate Housewives" and there is nothing else to do here. The new franchised steakhouse, Black Angus, had a line out front with a 2-hour wait over the weekend.
Anti-materialism? Hmmm. From here, this quasi-religious "movement" to create large families looks more like a real-estate scam in which the Grail is a Great Room with a plasma TV.

The Beauty Part

The greatest concern for charity ever. The kings and queens of rock, celebrating their music, their fans, their power to heal. Now out on DVD. Four discs, 600 minutes of music, just $28. You know what I'm talking about--Live Aid.

Thoughts for Today

If a man has recently married, he must not be sent to war or have any other duty laid on him. For one year he is to be free to stay at home and bring happiness to the wife he has married.
--Deuteronomy 24:5, which could be useful for just-married Christians and Jews who are called to serve in Iraq

'Who Cares If We Screw Up the World? It's Only, Like, 800 Years Old, Right?'

Yes, it's time for a Holiday Episode of 'Get Your War On.'

Adopt a Humvee (Part 2)

So no sooner did you start writing to Armor Holdings and the Department of Defense--and thanks again to all of you who took the time--than the government suddenly "heard" the soldier who asked Rumsfeld about unarmored Humvees. Go back to sleep, America--your government will take care of this.