Thought for Today

One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It is simply too painful to acknowledge--even to ourselves--that we've been so credulous.
--Carl Sagan

Guest Rant: What We Really Learned from This Election

"We've learned a lot from this election. We've learned that Jerry Springer airs on PBS in Oklahoma. We learned that we should post signs on the side of the highway when you cross the Mason/Dixon line that say, 'Caution: Minds Narrow.'"

I read those opening lines of a blog essay called "The Fundamentalist Right: an oxymoron"--and I was hooked. And I thought: Hmmm...why does the Daily Rant have to be mine? Why can't I drag in some angry guys like this from time to time?

So here's Mike Dugan [scroll down], who surely has what, in polite circles, they call a "point of view" on the Followers of Falwell and his ilk:

They don't want teenagers to have condoms, in that "Silence of the Lambskins" campaign they're running. Then they still try to blame teen sex on rock and roll music. Teenagers have sex because they're horny and because of peer pressure. If you're going to peg teen sex on rock and roll, why don't we just blame incest on Country and Western?

Regarding a woman's right to choose, everyone is entitled to their beliefs; this is America. My belief happens to be that life begins when you start minding your own f---g business. I have a theory that the religious right wants to haul all of the coat hangers out of the closet to make room for the gays they want to shove back in.

[...] And, finally, they refuse to believe in evolution. That part I can understand, actually. Because if you subscribe to the theory of evolution, well then, there's a tacit obligation to PARTICIPATE in evolution. For some people that's a little too much pressure. Many of the righteous can't recognize that Faith is a way to avoid responsibility. It's always the people with recessive genes who don't believe in evolution. "I believe in Creationism," they'll say. Really? I believe in critical thought. But then, my reading matter is a little more up-to-date than yours.Adopt a Soldier: The Follow-Up

Judging from your e-mail, lots of activity in your homes yesterday--many of you filled boxes for soldiers. Bless you, all.

And I heard from Cornbread: "Please tell everyone helping we said 'Thanks, and we're proud of you!' You're good people."

Also heard from several of you who all had the same question: "Why are we buying socks and blankets--blankets!!!--for soldiers? Doesn't the government do that?"

Well, we do this because our government is consistent--it consistently doesn't give a damn for our troops.

You red-staters thought it was liberal propaganda when I (among many others) pointed out the scarcity of Kevlar vests and armor for Humvees, didn't you?

Well, now the rubber meets the road--and everyone can see that the tires are bald.

Because these are our own soldiers telling us: We need the basics.

Once more, and maybe with a a few more voices singing with the choir: Shame on our wretched warmakers, driving to work in their big cars, wearing fine threads and eating healthy food!

If you signed up to Adopt a Soldier, these are some of the instructions you got in the return e-mail:

First, never put the service member's rank on the packaging, as it could endanger them, and therefore the package will not be shipped. Here are some other listeners' suggestions:

A way to keep your packages from getting stolen is to mark socks, T-shirts, or candy on the package. Mark the pack worth less than $20.00 or no worth to you at all.

Put items inside a popcorn can or cookie tin, the RATS are horrible and are eating more of the stuff than the Soldiers do.Great, huh? We can't even guarantee secure delivery.