Should Presbies Be More Like Baptists?

Okay, now Loose Canon is going to risk making you angry. I'd like to say a fewkind words about something that is out of character with our religious life inthis day and age--Presbyterians evangelizing members of the Jewish faith.

Yes, you read that right.

The Presbyterian Church USA has engaged in that highly controversial venture,pumping money into establishing congregations like Avodat Yisrael, "a fledgling Presbyteriancongregation that looks and feels like a Jewish synagogue," and which "has comeunder fire from Jewish groups as a deceptive attempt to convert Jews toChristianity," according to Religion News Service.

The report continues:

"Some Jewish leaders have said, 'We expect this from the Southern Baptists orthe Assemblies of God, but we don't expect this from mainline churches,certainly not the Presbyterian Church," said the Rev. Jay Rock, the denomination's director of interfaith relations.

But if you think something is true, don't you want to share it? What ifscientists didn't want to spread knowledge of the truths their work unfolds?

What if scientists thought like Christians: Oh, that DNA stuff is nice, but wedon't want to offend the scientific community with knowledge that runs counterto what some believe...

Loose Canon thinks it is perfectly right for Presbyies to try to convert Jews--by the same token, it's also perfectly okay for Jews, Catholics, Hindus, Muslims, Methodists, or animists to try to convert people, as long as they don't take up arms or behave in a rude fashion.

That said, Loose Canon admits that it can be annoying to be an evangelizationtarget. She still harbors bitter memories of the twice-born couple who oncelived in her building. Loose Canon always felt they were itching to lure heraway from the One True Church. Even worse, they were unfailingly cheerful.

Wonder whatever happened to them...

I swear they aren't still tied up in my basement.

Speaking of Prots: Why Don't They Blog More?

Loose Canon has been getting in touch with the profusion of Catholic blogs outthere in cyberspace. There seem to be hundreds of papist blogs.

They range in tone from the highly political Catholic (?) Kerry Watch to the whimsically named Dappled Things (you gotta love a blog whose name honors a line from a Gerard Manley Hopkins poem), my favorite so far.

Dappled Things, written by a priest of the Arlington. Va. Archdiocese, is wittyand wise with thoughts about "Fahrenheit 9/11" or prisoners held without recourse to lawyers.

There's not much in the way of bishop-bashing. But I must admit that I foundsome wistfulness in a quote on bishops as martyrs. It came from PatrickRothwell's book, "Glorious Battles," about the struggles of high church Anglicans in Victorian England:

I cannot conceive of anything more splendid than that your Grace should be executed on Tower Hill," Lord Halifax told his friend and sometime adversary, the archbishop of York. "Nothing but the martyrdom of an Archbishop can save the Church of England. I crave the honour of it for you and that I should live to be there, so that I might plunge my handkerchief in your blood, and pass it the most precious of heirlooms.
Loose Canon, who could suggest some Episcopal candidates for martyrdom, laughedand laughed.

But I did notice something missing in the blogosphere: There seem to be almostno Prot blogs.

You'd think that the blogosphere would be the perfect vehicle for our Protestantbrothers and sisters, fond as they are of tacking up 95 theses, 39 articles, orwhat have you here there and yonder. But no. What gives, Prots? Where are yourblogs?

Raving Mad for "Fahrenheit"

Liberal reviewers who hated Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" have goneall out to praise Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11."