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When that song [Willie's 2003 protest song, "Whatever Happened to Peace on Earth?"] was getting all that flak, some guy called me in San Antonio where I was doing a call-in radio show. I was talking about "Thou Shalt Not Kill." He said, "That really doesn't mean that. That means under certain conditions, it's ok." I said, "Well, you know, I think way back then, God knew how to spell. So if He says, 'Thou Shalt Not Kill,' that's what he meant.
--Willie Nelson, interviewed in No Depression Magazine

Does Bernard Kerik Make You Feel Safer?

Bernard Kerik was Commissioner of Police in New York City on 9/11. Last year, he did a five-month tour in Iraq as adviser to the nascent Interior Ministry. He is a partner in Rudolph Giuliani's consulting firm. Here he is, speaking at the Republican Convention, last night:

Today in Afghanistan, the Taliban has been unseated from power and the Al Queda leadership is on the run.

And here is yesterday's news from Afghanistan:

American officials warned all U.S. citizens Monday to avoid high-profile locations and government facilities in the Afghan capital after Sunday's car bombing outside the office of an U.S. security firm here. Officials said the blast killed at least six people, including three Americans.

Spokesmen for the Taliban militia, the armed Islamic extremist group that claimed responsibility for the attack, vowed Monday to step up violence in Kabul and other cities where U.S. military forces and civilian projects are operating.

"We have started our attacks from Kabul under new planning and preparation," Mullah Dadullah, a Taliban leader, told news agencies here via telephone. "We will carry out more attacks and bombings in Kabul, and our [fighters] are present in cities where the occupation forces and infidels are present." "Unseated" and "on the run?" Swami wonders: What would "totally defeated" look like to Bernard Kerik?

Vietnam: A Bush Question That Lacks An Answer

Swami has looked high. Swami has looked low. Nowhere can he find the answer to this question:

Has George W. Bush, at any time in his life, visited the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C.?

Can you help? A nod of the virtual turban to Swami's Information Benefactor.

Another Sad Gay Man in a Straight Man's Role

U.S. Rep. Edward L. Schrock (R, Virginia) just dropped his bid for a third term. They're definitely not thanking him for devoted service at the Republican Convention, even though Schrock, 63, is a retired career Navy officer and Vietnam veteran, the second most conservative person in all of Congress in 2003 (behind only Dennis Hastert) and co-sponsor of the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Here's the sad (but sort of predictable) irony. Schrock--a husband and father who opposes any possible rights for gay people, including non-discrimination in employment--seems to be gay.

Seems that a website devoted to exposing closeted gays in Congress learned that Schrock left messages--audiotaped sex requests--on a gay dating service. Pathetic, isn't it? Here's a guy who's been told to believe that homosexuals choose to be gay and that their choice is evil, and, in what looks like a textbook case of a self-hating gay man, he not only can't control his urges but creates evidence that wrecks his career.

How many other men in blazers and button-down shirts and striped ties are in New York this week, wondering if they dare make a call that they could never make back home?

Meet "Mr. Compassionate Conservative"

In a recent column about the biggest controversy of this election campaign-- that's right: Vietnam--a columnist named Marvin Olasky wrote: