The Jewsweek Blog
The "Yada yada yada blog," the weblog of the weekly online magazine Jewsweek, is a fun read for the latest celebrity kabbalah news, unusual Jewish links, and other Jewish-related gossip.

Kosher Blog
This blog is a frequent update of news in the kosher world--the writer taste-tests recipes and new products, and provides certification information. Indispensable for anyone who takes keeping kosher--and eating gourmet food--seriously.

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  • PaleoJudaica
    Weblog about ancient Judaism (yet updated surprisingly often)
  • Nextbook
    A daily roundup of Jewish literature and culture
  • Muslim Blogs

    Dervish Du'a
    This Australian blogger calls herself a "modern dervish," someone in need of God's mercy. Her blog is often very personal but also includes good Muslim updates and opinions, as well as news about interfaith efforts between Muslims and Jews. The Dervish also links to a host of other religious blogs, not just her fellow Muslims, with symbols identifying which religion each is affiliated with.


    Frequent updates and commentary on Muslim news, as well as a comprehensive list of other Muslim blogs.

    Islamic Parenting
    This unique blog by a Muslim mother recounts her struggles as a parent and a Muslim. She includes posts on "mindful parenting" and also posts a hadith that has helped keep her from yelling at her children.

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  • Sunni Sister
    Musings of a Muslim woman in New York

    More Religious Blogs

    Facing Inward
    One of many yoga practice blogs, Facing Inward covers "motherhood, marriage, and yoga." The blogger discusses yoga classes and her daily practice, trying out new postures and new yoga products, as well as personal stories.

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  • Ashtangi.net
    A "central resource" for yoga blogs. Some of the other yoga practice blogs have slightly more Hindu-oriented content.

    Woodmoor Village Zendo
    A great-looking and frequently updated weblog about Buddhist news and practice. Offers thoughts on family, politics, and Buddhist basics. Posts include essays on mindful politics and walking meditation.

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  • Paper Frog
    Recently covered the Dalai Lama, Buddhist charity, and more
  • John's Dharma Path

    Was It the Pagan Remark?
    Blog of a Pagan mother. Many entries are personal, but items also include a discussion of "The Decline of Wicca & The Return of Paganism." Includes links to many other pagan blogs.

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  • Fat Lil Wytch

    Plus, in the not-so-religious

    The Raving Atheist
    Commentary about religion, politics, culture, and law from an atheist point of view. Great source for news relevant to non-believers and other atheist blogs.

    Clergy Blogs

    Reverend Ref
    Written by an Episcopal priest in Montana, this blog is a good mixture of personal diary and Gospel analysis. But its best feature is the list of links to other Christian clergy blogs.

    The Pope Blog
    While this one isn't written by the clergy member in question, it is a digest of news about Pope John Paul II. The bloggers, students at the University of Notre Dame, frequently update readers on the Pope's speeches, travel, and health.