Let principle be your guide. It says in Scripture that He has shown us what to do: to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God. To do justice is to protect and cherish life. It is not a topic open for debate. All life from conception to the grave is a gift from God that man has no right to destroy. Marriage is a union ordained by God to promote the family and is the very bedrock of society. The essence of marriage is the joining of one man and one woman before God, not what the shifting morality of a nation might say it is.

Show courage when facing the giants of the day; there are battles yet to be fought and won over the issue of abortion, same sex marriage, and a myriad of other moral issues. Show courage in your decision making. As it has always been since the Garden of Eden, you will have placed before you many tantalizing apples in an effort to make you compromise--reject the apples of compromise.As you take up the challenges before you, be faithful and diligent in the small things. It is in doing the small things well that we achieve greatness. And in due time, if you are faithful in the tasks given to you, you will reap a reward. Be unwavering in your convictions, and you will achieve great things. I firmly believe that the general apathy of the many here in America will allow the few, if they are determined, to quickly rise to the very upper levels of American politics. And we need men and women of character in the highest levels of our government.

It was said when Wilberforce died that "ages to come shall glory in his memory." I firmly believe that you, as part of the rising generation of Christian youth, anchored in a firm reliance in God' s word, armed and ready for the battles before you, could very well give us a reason to glory in your memory.

Go with God. Thank you.