Do you ever want to grab people and say "Wake up?"
Sometimes, when I see someone totally stressed out because, you know, their hair didn't do the right thing this morning, or because their kid has a messy room. Who cares? God doesn't care. You are totally accepted by him. Let's stop putting ourselves under so much pressure here.

If you were given a chance to talk to your captors, what would you say?
That depends. If one showed up at my door, I'd invite him in for a meal, but I'd call the FBI too, you know? If I faced them in a court of law, I'd speak the truth against them.

But I think I could see any member of the Abu Sayyaf and not have hatred or bitterness in my heart. They're going to get their judgement in this thing, and I don't think it's going to be pretty. It makes me sad to think what's going to happen to them, if what I believe is true. But I could visit one of those guys and ask how his family's doing.

How is your family doing?
They are just trusting the Lord with this whole thing. The Lord's been really good to us, and we enjoy every day. We're together. My kids thought neither of their parents was coming home. When one of us came home, they decided they were going to be happy. They weren't going to be all upset about the one who didn't. Half's better than nothing. I agree, and we're just having a good time.