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Friday, September 6, 2002

Michael Irvin's found Jesus. The Dallas Observer looks at the reported conversion of the former Cowboys wide receiver and bad boy. Seems that the esteemed T.D. Jakes brought Irvin to God.

The intertwining of pulpit and policy. That pesky faith of George W. Bush keeps creeping up in the oddest places -- like his first conversation with Vladimir Putin. The Christian Science Monitor is the latest paper to examine the U.S. president's penchant for religion.

Ax falls. Sort of. Philadelphia Inquirer: "A long-awaited ax fell just before noon today, when the Episcopal bishop of Pennsylvania officially defrocked his archcritic, the Rev. David L. Moyer of Rosemont, for 'abandoning the communion of the church.'

"But in a highly unusual move, Father Moyer, a nationally known conservative rector who opposes the ordination of women and homosexuals, immediately announced support from the archbishop of Canterbury."

"Now it's Satan's turn to cry." John Kass finds the folks in Devils Lake, N.D., in a bit of a quandary over the loss of the fighting Satans mascot at the local high school.

Now the school's teams are known as the Nothings. Kass writes in the Chicago Tribune (registration required): "On Friday, the Nothings play the Minot Magicians. Fans might never hear this stirring cheer: 'Dante was right; Fight! Fight! Fight!' "

It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine. Yes sir, writes religion professor Leo Sandon: It's a good time to be apocalyptic.

Manly ministry goes a little soft. The Promise Keepers begat all sorts of other male-oriented ministries that are, ironically, taking business away from the mother -- or is that father? -- group.

Site o' the day: The Raelians. Video, books for sale and more point to a French journalist's contention that SCIENTISTS FROM ANOTHER PLANET CREATED ALL LIFE ON EARTH USING D.N.A. I had no idea. Oh well. Have a nice day.

Thursday, September 5, 2002

No mashers, please, we're Hindu. Ananova: "Pilgrims are flocking to a house in Bombay where they believe that Elephant headed Hindu Lord Ganesha has appeared in the shape of a potato."

Brady worship: Much more than a hunch? Word has it that a California church worships the Brady Bunch. It must be true -- the Weekly World News says it is.

Says "Marcia II," whose husband is "bishop" of the First Church of Brady Triumphant and Universal: "The nine members represent the trinity times three. Alice (played by Ann B. Davis) is the spiritual center. She is the symbolic Keeper of the Hearth, and it is no coincidence that she appears in the center square of the opening credits."

(Link via the fabulous Pop Culture Junk Mail blog.)

Men are from Mars, cult saviors are from Venus. Reuters: "The guru of a tiny French doomsday sect under police suicide watch says his group looks forward to voyagers from Venus collecting them before the world ends on October 24."

Cathedral envy, anyone? Catholics in Dodge City, Kansas, are a little cheesed off. Seems that L.A. Cardinal Roger Mahony -- as well as all the media who covered this week's dedication of his city's cathdral -- is saying the Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral was the first to be dedicated in the United States in 30 years. Dodge City's cathedral was dedicated nine months ago.

"Most of my priests just shake their heads and wonder where the news services are getting their information," said Dodge City Bishop Ronald Gilmore.