Is Religion to Blame?

"It's the politics of religion that causes things like today to happen. It is pure evil. To say it is because someone is a Muslim that this happened is a lie. To say that Christians could never do this is also a lie. People--human beings--did this...Sadly, it is the few who have made the declarations. The many must suffer the consequences wrought by the few."



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Let's Not Let Suspicions Run Rampant

"There are some similarities between the Nazi party and the extremist regime of the Taliban, but Nazism was not a religion. It was a political movement. Islam is a religion, with a long history. At the moment, there are some who follow it who are extremist terrorists, but then, there are extremist terrorists who are Protestant extremists who throw bombs at Catholic schoolgirls in Ireland, but I don't see you condemning every Christian in the world for their actions."


"How can you hold a whole religion responsible for the actions of a small group of fanatics? That is like blaming all of Christianity for the violent acts of white supremists."

"It's hard for me to understand how the terrorists had any love for God, their fellowman,or any religion."

Dealing With Anti-Muslim Sentiment
"To all Muslims concerned: Please exercise restraint at this time. Obviously people are angry. They don't realise that Muslims are equally angry and strongly condemn what has happened."


"I condone the use of whatever force necessary to bring these terrorists to justice. But the Muslims who live among us are not these terrorists. Nor do they do not have the civil or military power to bring the terrorists to justice...I'm asking my fellow non-Muslins to please be wise and fair."


"Now I am going to have to preach this weekend and tell my people to not take this out on the local Muslims. You have no idea how much that costs me after seeing the justifications for persecution and violence offered in here by Muslims.

But don't think I won't call for justice. And don't think I won't support military action against those responsible. And don't think I won't choke when someone inevitable describes Islam as a religion of 'peace'."