May 1, (RNS) --Three out of four adults surveyed say they are concerned aboutthe moral condition of the nation, and those committed to the Christianfaith were more likely to express that concern, the Barna Research Grouphas found.

The Ventura, Calif.-based marketing research company surveyed 1,005adults. Seventy-four percent of them said they were concerned about themoral state of the country.

Researchers learned that 41 percent of atheists surveyed wereworried about the moral condition of the nation. Fifty-six percent ofadults associated with non-Christian faith groups said they had asimilar worry. Sixty-eight percent of those associated with theChristian faith but not considered born-again said they were worriedabout the nation's moral situation.

Eighty-nine percent of the born-again Christians surveyed wereconcerned about the moral state of the nation, compared to 92 percent ofevangelical Christians.

Barna Research Group defines born-again Christians as those whomaintain a personal commitment to Jesus and who believe they will go toheaven when they die because they have confessed their sins and acceptedJesus as their savior. It defines evangelicals as a subset of born-againChristians who meet several other criteria, including a belief thatSatan exists and that they need to share their Christian faith withnon-Christians.

The survey found that 80 percent of Protestants were concerned aboutthe nation's moral state, compared to 73 percent of Catholics.
Eighty-three percent of those attending non-mainline Protestantcongregations had a similar concern, compared to 76 percent of thoseaffiliated with a mainline Protestant church.

Overall, the researchers found that the segments of the Americanpopulation with the most concerns about moral ideals were Republicans(84 percent), women (80 percent), people 55 and older (80 percent), andresidents of the South (80 percent).

The random telephone survey of 1,005 American adults had a margin oferror of plus or minus 3 percentage points.