(RNS) -- A judge has rejected a lawsuit filed by a Michigan inmate whowanted to be treated like God, ruling that the man had no Constitutionalright to be treated as any "supernatural being of power."

In his lawsuit against the Michigan prison system, convicted armedrobber Chad Gabriel DeKoven had sought a full pardon, publicacknowledgment of his claim to be king of Jews, and an end to strife inthe Middle East, the Associated Press reported.

DeKoven, who called himself "Messiah God," also wanted all overseasU.S. military employees to return to the United States within threemonths. He also requested trees, animals, precious metals and full-timepersonal attendants for himself.

DeKoven's lawsuit was dismissed as "devoid of merit" and"delusional" by Judge David M. Lawson. Though the court would not takelightly "the claims of any litigant, even those whose contentions appearfantastic and baseless on their surface," DeKoven had no constitutionalright to be treated as "Messiah-God or any other holy, extra-worldly orsupernatural being of power," Lawson ruled.