A poll of 501 Israelis published in the Yediot Ahronot daily on Monday, witha 4.5 percent margin of error, indicated 57 percent opposed ceding theTemple Mount.

``There are considerations that go beyond the purely religious,'' said BarryRubin, deputy director of Bar-Ilan University's BESA center. ``If (thePalestinians) have sovereignty on the mount, what if they throw stones fromthere down at people praying at the (Western) Wall? The last three monthshave not increased Israeli confidence that the Palestinians will keep theircommitments in a peace agreement.''

There were a few voices--though only a few--urging compromise, even at agreat emotional cost.

``The sanctity of the Temple Mount does not come from Israeli sovereigntyover the place,'' wrote political analyst Menachem Klein in Monday'seditions of the Haaretz daily. Israel's future, he said, shouldn't depend on``dictates from the past.''