WASHINGTON, Oct. 2 (AP) - Republican National Committee Chairman JimNicholson on Monday criticized Democratic vice presidential candidate JosephLieberman for considering a meeting with Nation of Islam leader LouisFarrakhan, calling the idea "disturbing."

"We expected him to make compromises to be Al Gore's running mate,"Nicholson said. "We expected him to make concessions to placate the radicalleft wing of the Democrat Party. But no one expected him to go so far as tolend legitimacy to the likes of Louis Farrakhan."

Last week, Lieberman, the first Jewish politician to run on a major U.S.political ticket, told American Urban Radio Networks he was open to meetingFarrakhan to promote reconciliation in the United Staes.

The Muslim leader campaigns for black empowerment, but has drawn criticismfor statements against whites and Jews. He once called Judaism a "gutterreligion."

Farrakhan is spearheading the Million Family March in Washington on Oct. 16,which he says is open to families of all religions, including Jews.