Hillary and Tipper seemed like sisters. This time the Dem's campaign bus will be an experiment in diversity. We celebrate the differences:


What's that name again?Nickname given by her mother after a favorite lullaby, "Ti-Pi-Tin"Hebrew for "myrtle tree"; Hebrew name of Queen Esther; Name of Jewish women's group
BornMary Elizabeth Aitcheson in Arlington, Va., 1948Hadassah Freilich in Czechoslovakia
You say Sabbath,
I say Shabbos
Southern Baptist. Attends Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Arlington, Va.Orthodox Jewish. Attends Kesher Israel Congregation in Georgetown, D.C.
Tragic past that led to favorite causesMother suffered mental illness, father battled alcoholism. Tipper has admitted depression. Advocate for mental health. Father, former chief rabbi of Czecho-
slovakia, and mother were Holocaust survivors. Involved with Holocaust remembrance.
Met hubby ...at a high school dancethrough a member of his synagogue
ChildrenKarenna, 27; Kristin, 23; Sarah, 21; Albert III, 17Step-kids Matt, 32, and Rebecca, 31; Ethan 24, from a prior marriage; Hana, 12
Number of kids that are lawyers1 out of 42 out of 4
and their political serendipity
Good timing. Karenna's son Wyatt born July 4, 1999Coincidence? Tennessee, born August 13, 1997 and Willie, born March 2, 1999
Independent thinking Tipper gives rock music a bad rap while Al jams with Jerry Garcia.Hadassah's holdings include stocks in companies Joe has honored with the "silver sewer" award.


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