Evangelist Billy Graham has been hospitalized at the MayoClinic and is being treated to relieve a buildup of fluid around hisbrain.

Graham, 81, entered the hospital in Rochester, Minn., "at least aweek" ago, his spokesman A. Larry Ross said Tuesday (June 20). He saidthe evangelist is stable and his condition is not life-threatening.

Ross said Graham was "very exhausted" after leading a crusade June1-4 in Nashville, Tenn.

"He was very strong there, preached powerfully each night, but wasextremely fatigued," Ross told Religion News Service. "When he was donewith that, the doctors encouraged him to get rest and restrict hisschedule in order to prepare for Amsterdam."

Graham plans to lead an international conference for evangelists inthe Netherlands July 29-Aug. 6. About 10,000 evangelists are expected toattend.

Ross called the fluid buildup around Graham's brain a "recentdevelopment."

Based on tests and procedures at the Mayo Clinic, his physiciansexpect Graham will be able to travel to Amsterdam as well as toJacksonville, Fla., where he is scheduled to lead a crusade Nov. 2-5.

"His condition is stable and the doctors have said that he's beenalert and been conversant and is especially talking about plans for thefuture," Ross said. "They're encouraged by his progress."