Reprinted by permission from Charisma News Service.The leader of a sexual wholeness ministry is organizing a nationwide effortto counter an initiative that encourages open access to abortion andacceptance of homosexuality being taught in schools.David Kyle Foster, a charismatic Episcopal priest and director of MasteringLife Ministries (MLM) based in Jacksonville, Fla., wants to see 100,000pastors and ministry leaders endorse his Religious Declaration on HumanSexual Morality.The statement, which upholds biblical standards on sexuality, aims tocounter a controversial declaration made earlier this year by the SexualityInformation and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), thegovernment-funded body that advises on sex-education policies.Almost 1,000 religious leaders--most of whom are from liberaldenominations--have backed SIECUS' Religious Declaration on Sexual Morality,Justice and Healing, which calls for same-sex marriages, acceptance of gayand lesbian ministers, and open access to abortion.Foster said that if the SIECUS statement was unchallenged, it would be used"to persuade school boards, judges, legislators and religious leaders tocompromise the traditional position on these issues." He added: "It must becountered. Our nation's leaders need to know where the vast majority ofreligious leaders truly stand."Foster's rebuttal asserts that God intended for heterosexual marriage andthat "fidelity to God's blueprint for human sexual behavior is integral tohealthy human spirituality.
" It says that biblical standards for sex are"positive and life-giving" and intended to protect people from behaviorsthat "can only bring death and destruction."The statement--posted at MLM's Web site at thatit is speaking out against the "unchecked confusions and division" sown by"apostles of immorality" who are seeking to overturn historic churchteaching. It says religious leaders should "stand firm against the moraltide of moral relativism and remain faithful to God's holy Word."Released last week, the statement already has been welcomed by the FamilyResearch Council. Policy adviser Yvette Schneider said: "We will besupporting it and doing what we can to get others to. People need to knowthat those endorsing the SIECUS statement are not mainstream churches." Inlight of SIECUS' influence in shaping school sex-education policies, thegroup's declaration was "very dangerous," she added.After it was released, the SIECUS declaration was criticized by conservativeradio talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who decried it for eliminating"any consideration of morality from human sexuality."Ordained by the Charismatic Episcopal Church, Foster founded MLM after yearsof being caught himself in sexual immorality. For 10 years he lived a doublelife, by day enjoying a successful career in Hollywood but by night caughtup in homosexual prostitution, drinking and drugs. Now he travels thecountry training church leaders to help lay members struggling with sexualproblems.
Foster said that sexual brokenness was a "massive" problem in the church."It puts the greatest epidemic in the history of mankind to shame in termsof numbers. I would say 50 percent of those in the church have an area ofsexual brokenness. We are just as bad as the secular world."

But that did not disqualify the church from speaking out on sexual issues."Hypocrisy is not preaching one thing and not hitting it perfectly; it'spreaching one thing and not making any attempt to adhere to it...It'simportant to hold up the standard, even though we don't make it."