VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., March 27 (RNS)--Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson is a reverend again, following a ceremony Monday in which he reaffirmed hisordination vows.

Robertson, originally ordained in 1960 as a Southern Baptistminister, dropped his ordination in 1988 when he ran for the Republicannomination for president.

"I have just completed my 70th birthday, and feel at this criticaljuncture of my life that I want to dedicate what's left in a special wayto world missions and world evangelization," Robertson said in astatement released after the ceremony at Regent University's RobertsonHall here.

"This is not an ordination to any particular denomination, butmerely an affirmation to God and man that the focus of what is left ofmy life will be to worldwide Christian service."

Members of an "Ordination Council," who will serve as a board ofspiritual advisers for Robertson's worldwide ministry, heard andresponded to his vows of reaffirmation. Its members include the Rev.Jack Hayford, president of the King's Seminary in Los Angeles; the Rev.Thomas Trask, general superintendent of the Assemblies of God; VinsonSynan, dean of the School of Divinity of Regent University; and Episcopal Bishop John W. Howe of the Diocese of Central Florida.

"Pat has a renewed sense of urgency to continue spreading the gospelin a worldwide ministry, and he recognizes the need to officiallyreaffirm his calling," Synan said in a statement.

Robertson, who turned 70 on March 22, is best known for havingfounded the Christian Coalition as well as the Christian BroadcastingNetwork in Virginia Beach.

He also founded Regent University, theAmerican Center for Law and Justice and Operation Blessing InternationalRelief and Development Corp.