(RNS) Backing away from an earlier promise, NBC says it will againbroadcast a "Saturday Night Live" Hanukkah spoof that theAnti-Defamation League complained contained anti-Semitic stereotypes"attheir worst."

The spoof features SNL cast members playing pop stars and sayingJews "own all the movie studios and banks" and Christians have forgiventhem "for killing our Lord."

After the skit aired Dec. 4, Abraham Foxman, national director ofthe Anti-Defamation League, complained to the network. Foxman said theparody was offensive because it contained "anti-Semitic stereotypes attheir worst."

NBC Executive Vice President Rosalyn Weinman responded by sayingtheoffending lines would be edited out of any future rebroadcasts of theshow.

However, Monday (Dec. 20), NBC released a statement saying Weinmanhad been "premature" and that the show would be broadcast as originallyrun. No date for rebroadcast has been set.

The statement said SNL viewers who contacted the network"overwhelmingly felt that this sketch was a typical parody and was inthe boundaries of the show's humor. We regret if the material offendedanyone."

The statement also said that "today's environment makes ourjudgmentcalls in these situations increasingly difficult because we must find abalance between being politically correct and being funny in anon-hurtful way."

Foxman told The Washington Post he was "saddened" that NBC "tookthelow road rather than the high road and didn't follow the standard thatwas set in their original decision.