As you begin the journey of planning your wedding, it will be so helpful to find out just what kind of bride you are most likely to be. This quiz will help you define your wedding priorities and style, as it shines a spotlight on early warning signs--such as where you might be focusing too much on the appearance of things or what people think. Answer honestly. There is no right or wrong, here, just an opportunity to do a reality check on what will be most important to you on your journey to the altar.

Adapted from "Wedding Goddess by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

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As little girls, we all played bride or set up mock weddings. What was your favorite way to play dress-up?


When you fantasized about your perfect wedding when you were little, how did you imagine your big day?


Now that you are a bride-to-be, what would you say is your dream wedding?


Now that you can get the wedding dress of your dreams, what kind of dress are you most likely to go for?


We all tend to obsess about our weddings. Which of the following do you find yourself obsessing about most?


In terms of the rites of passage that lead up to your wedding day, what kind of shower would you love?


Since planning a wedding can be like another full time job, how will you approach creating the wedding of your dreams?


In general, do you see yourself as someone who tends to have a flair for being...


Almost any place can accommodate a wedding these days. Do you see yourself getting married at:


When it comes to the ceremony, the options are unlimited. Which of these kinds of ceremony seems right for you?


For the bridal party, you'll want:


Since a bride is immortalized in her wedding photos, what kind of wedding album will you want to look back on?


When it comes to the food at your wedding, you'd like:


What kind of music you would like at your wedding reception?


If you could have one very special item at your wedding altar what would it be?


At the end of your ceremony you can see:


How do you see this event being paid for?


Your wedding will be an amazing event that will give you the opportunity to:


Marriage to you means:

Your result is:
The Formal Bride
You definitely see yourself more as a bride who is looking forward to a formal, fancy and stylish wedding experience. You’re dream wedding is likely on the upper end of the wedding scale, and it is a great thing if you have the financial wherewithal to afford the best of everything for your special day. You are halfway there just by feeling entitled to it.  This will help you conduct yourself like a Goddess and will ensure that you truly get a chance to create your dream wedding.
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Your result is:
The Casual, Inclusive Bride
You seeks some tradition but looks more toward intimacy, sentiment and inclusion of others. The wedding experience for you is meant to be shared with those you love and celebrated in a way that is affordable and manageable. While you might want a mid-sized affair, it can take just as much planning as a formal event; yet you are more likely to choose a slightly alternative approach – a penthouse loft space instead of a hotel, or a rooftop or garden.
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Your result is:
The Off-Beat Bride
You are someone who dances to her own beat and wants a wedding to reflect that. You see your wedding and a special and personal creation and intend to put your signature touch on every part of it. Because you are so creative and have so many ideas, you probably are an independent operator and would not enjoy hearing the input of others about what you should do or how you should do it. In fact, you probably want to just surprise them all with the result. Since you will probably be paying for it yourselves, you have some assurance of being able to create what you want on your own.
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The Un-Bride
You prefer to take a very low key approach. The idea of a wedding with all the trimmings does not appeal. You clearly prefer no frills, no fuss, no financial drain and no relatives telling you want to do. This is good in that you will have tremendous flexibility about where and when you wed, and whom you include. You can always include or adapt certain aspects or wedding traditions that suit you. For example, perhaps you would prefer to marry in a restaurant with just your parents and siblings present or in a park with just one witness, yet you might still want to wear a bridal gown or get your hair and make-up done. Or maybe you would rather get married in a judge's office, or by a clergy person in a house of worship, but would rather not dress in white. If the feeling is as long as we are together, that's all that matters, this can be ultra romantic.
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