I often daydream about being rich.


I'd like to drive a car that people admire.


Living a simple life is one of my ideals.


I know I'd be a lot happier if I were rich.


I try not to own too much.


I like dining in expensive restaurants.


People who talk about money bore me.


I rarely follow fashion.


I'd like to own a big house.


People who shop as a hobby seem shallow to me.

Your result is:
You're Low on Materialism
You like to live simply and unpretentiously. Clothing is worn to be comfortable, not to make a fashion statement. Nor would you buy a car to impress others. Bargain-hunting is fun for you, as is dining at casual restaurants. If you enjoy traveling, you prefer functional and reasonably priced hotels to the memorably lavish. For you intimacy involves sharing life's simple pleasures with someone of equal yearnings.
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Your result is:
You're Moderate on Materialism
You're interested in fashion, chic clothing, and fancy cars. Daydreaming about glamorous vacations is fun for you. But you're also happy with simple pleasures and finding bargains when you shop. Not everything you own needs to be impressive. When it comes to the pursuit of wealth, you're definitely in the middle.
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Your result is:
You're High on Materialism
You like to dress fashionably and own luxurious things. These give your life zest, and you enjoy daydreaming about fancy homes, expensive jewelry, chic clothing, and impressive cars. Dining at posh restaurants is also appealing. If you're an avid traveler, then visiting glamorous resorts is surely on your wish-list. For you, intimacy with your partner involves enjoying, even if just vicariously, the world's material wealth.
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