I go to parties:


I'm not seeing anyone right now, which means I tend to focus on:


Rather than engage in casual sex, I'd put the brakes on dating and risk temporary loneliness.


Most of my single friends are:


"All's fair in love and war":


When good things happen in my life, I think:


At a critical point in a relationship, I:


I think "Why does so-and-so have a man when I don't?"


I haven't met a man I really want to spend my life with, so I:


If a guy I just met promises to call me but doesn't, I:


If I never married, it would be:


My feelings about men are generally:


When I meet a man who seems attractive and interesting, I think:


When I'm over at my married friends' home for dinner, I think:

Your result is:

Somewhat Singular

You're content with the good things you've got in your life--most of the time. But you still keep wishing Mr. Right would come along.
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Your result is:

Stressed Single

You hate your dates, your relationships quickly turn sour, and everyone seems to have a man but you. You define yourself by what's lacking in your life, and it's not making you happy. Focus instead on what you have—and make sure you know what you want in a relationship by taking these compatibility quizzes.
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Your result is:

Singular Sensation

You've built your life around the activities and friends you genuinely enjoy--not around looking for a man. You don't avoid men, but you're content to wait for the one who's right for you.
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