What would happen if your level of interest and your partner's were placed on either side of a seesaw?


In a familiar movie scene, the bride or groom bolts on the way to the altar. A scene like this makes you think:


You're set up on a blind date and have a great time. You write in your diary:


When the idea of meeting your partner's parents comes up, you usually feel:


You get a loving e-mail message from someone you're dating. You think:


You've been dating someone for weeks. He or she has already met:


The amount of time you and your partner spend together is determined by:


A person you've been casually dating announces plans to move 700 miles away. You:


You follow an orthodox religion, and you meet an attractive neighbor of a different faith. Your first thought:


When you visit friends who are married and relatively "settled" in their lives, your first thought is:

Your result is:
Slow Down
Overeager: You may be too ready to commit, prone to picking dates who may become alarmed and back off.
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Your result is:
You are in control of your life
Open to Love: You keep a healthy balance between giving yourself over to a relationship and maintaining a life of your own.
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Your result is:
Step out of your shell TODAY!
Commitment-Phobic: Your fear of relationships is costing you happiness. You may want to take steps to break your pattern.
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