Marriage is difficult, but once you’ve got it down it is very rewarding. Bonding two people together can cause a lot of controversy to arise. While you both may share similar views, there are going to be things that you disagree on. It’s important to recognize these disagreements and be able to accept and discuss these concerns.

Being on the same page as your spouse is extremely important. Your spouse is the one person you can always count on, the one person who will always go to bat on, and ultimately the person you need in your corner. Even if your opinions differ, you should know what your partner believes in. Take the quiz for yourself and find out if you and your spouse are truly on the same page.


Do you know what your spouse would consider to be his/her top three financial goals?


Do you know what your spouse would consider to be his/her top goals as a family to achieve this year?


Do you regularly talk about goals as a couple?


If you have a concern or opinion about a reaction your spouse has towards politics or religion, do you feel comfortable talking to your spouse about it?


How would you rate your communication with your spouse?


When you and your spouse talk about issues, do you feel like your side is being equally heard and evaluated?


Do you realistically and honestly believe that you and your spouse can make it?

Your result is:
Mostly A's
You and your spouse have clearly got it all figured out! You both understand that communication is the key to great results within your marriage. Continue on the path you’re both on. Make sure that you and your spouse continue to openly talk about your concerns and goals.
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Your result is:
Mostly B's
You and your spouse need a little bit of work! Make an effort to talk as a couple – learn about each other’s goals and how they merge together. Find ways to come to a compromise and learn how you can both can contribute to making your relationship stronger. If you’re getting nowhere just talking among yourselves, then consider seeking out assistance with a counselor or small group leader at your church.
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