Your spouse's feeling are never wrong (whether you agree with those feelings or not). Invalidating your partner breeds anger and creates a division between the two of you. It clearly shows that you don't respect their experiences and that they shouldn't trust their own emotions. This is a form of manipulation.

7. You stonewall your partner.

Stonewalling is a power-play, an act of withholding yourself, your emotions, your affection until you get your way. And it's cruel. It's like holding your marriage hostage with a passive-aggressive gun. Needing space to sort out your thoughts is one thing, constantly refusing to tell your partner how you feel is another.

Like stonewalling, bringing up past issues is also a form of betrayal. If your partner did things previously that you said you've processed and forgiven, bringing them up over and over only reopens old wounds. The only thing this tactic achieves is making the emotional scar bigger.

Cheating on your spouse is still the ultimate betrayal. But the truth is, that wrecking ball is often set into motion long before the big offense.

So tend to these relationship enemies in your relationship now, before they get out of hand. It takes a lot less water to put out a tiny fire than a five-alarm blaze.