Entertain Your Interests

One of the biggest obstacles that women encounter when searching for a partner in life is not knowing where to look.

In a culture where alcohol, bars, and night clubs are the accepted social venues, many find it difficult to encounter an authentic connection in such superficial spaces.

One common question that arises is where one can go in order to meet others who also want to have an authentic, intimate connection.

Although there are many dating sites on the internet, one effective path to finding someone who you click with in real life is entertaining your interests.

Venture out into the world and try new things.

Take partner dance classes. Salsa, swing dancing, and other social dances have very large and eclectic scenes throughout the world.

Keep your eye out for events and gatherings that may be of interest to you - especially if they would be pushing your comfort zone. If nothing of interest comes to mind, you can always search meetup.com and browse new activities that you can explore with new people.

One of the biggest mistakes that women make when searching for a partner is actually searching for a partner.

If you want to find someone and to establish a long-term relationship, stop trying so hard.

Trying implies effort and will likely impede your enjoyment of exploring life and living in the moment.

There's also a good chance that it will make you appear desperate.

You've filled your love cup, you've become a great partner, and you know what you really want.

Let go of trying and have fun.

You'll be surprised how Mr. Right walks into your life.