Psychologists have found that parents influence children's development by how they discipline and relate to their kids in general. The following quiz is based on Diana Baumrind's concept of how parenting styles affect children's behavior. What are your discipline techniques? Are you a tough, medium, or soft cookie? Take our quiz.

When your child does something that pleases you, like offering his toy to a playmate, you:


Your child only eats mac-and-cheese and canned peas. So the nightly menu at your house consists of:


Your child throws a tantrum in a crowded mall. You:


After your nightly ritual of prayers and a story, your daughter says she's scared to sleep alone. Your reaction is to:


Your teenager comes home at 1 a.m., ignoring his midnight curfew. You've been worrying for the last hour. You:


Which best describes your approach to discipline?


Which of these qualities do you try most to cultivate in your child?


Your child hauls off and hits another kid. What do you do?


You view your child as:


Your preteen has been letting his homework slide. He watches TV instead. You:

Your result is:
You are lenient, responsive, and conflict-averse. Your child may gain high self-esteem and creativity. But with so little adult direction, he or she may become a holy terror, self-centered and undisciplined.
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Your result is:
You're responsive AND authoritative. Your discipline methods are supportive rather than punitive. You listen, but have expectations for good behavior. Your kids tend to be responsible and to think for themselves.
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Your result is:
Tough Cookie
You are highly directive and have clear rules for your child's behavior. Punishment is swift, discussion rare. Your need for control may mean your child obeys out of fear and may not learn negotiating skills.
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