The D word might be at the tip of your tounge, or maybe you just aren't sure how you are feeling about your marriage anymore.  Either way, you've come to the right place.  This quiz is a great step in deciding to make a change in your marriage and not settling for the status quo.  While you take this quiz, you are encouraged to really contemplate the questions that are asked. Your results will be provided at the conclusion of the quiz.   




Have you given this over to God?


Have you sought out unbiased support from a professional or counselor?


Are you prepared for the long-term effect this could have on your children and yourself?


Have you prepared yourself financially to support yourself?


Have you forgiven your spouse for their transgressions?


Do you feel forgiven by your spouse for your transgressions?


Do we mostly fight about money and finances?


Do I trust my spouse?


Does my spouse trust me?


Have I really, truly tried everything to save this?

Your result is:
in the Safe Zone
Your relationship appears to be in great shape!  It's easy to let a trial or trbulation cause you to doubt, but it's all part of marriage and how you work through them will strengthen your bond.  Keep putting God and your marriage first and you'll have a happy (and blessed!) future ahead of you.
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Your result is:
in the Warning Zone
It seems like you and your spouse have seen your share of ups and downs, but it sounds like there is still some really good stuff there, too!  A successful marriage needs daily compromise, sacrifice and communication.  That doesn't sound very appealing nor is it easy to accomplish, but when this takes place a marriage thrives and you become closer to God in the process. 
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in the Danger Zone
It sounds like things have been pretty rough lately and this hasn't been the marriage you hoped for when you said your vows. Every single marriage experiences many trials and tribuations, so you are certainly not alone.  But the great news is that there is hope!  Even in the most difficult and challenging cases, God can completely restore a marriage and strengthen in ways you never dreamed possible. You may have a long road of recovery ahead of you, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s time to go separate ways. Divorce is painful and stressful to everyone involved and very seldom is the right solution to the problem. The purpose of this quiz is to set aside some time for serious self-reflection. Sometimes, all it takes is one person to lead the relationship in the right direction and it can start with you today.
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