Most parents want to raise kind, honorable kids with a spiritual and moral center. But how can you tell if you're doing it? Below is a simple quiz to help you get a read on your family's spiritual connectedness. Take the quiz, then jot down any ideas you could put into practice.

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You have a scheduled, predictable time to gather with your family for fun.


You have discussed family rules and consequences and evaluate the appropriateness of these rules every six months or so.


You tuck your young child into bed each night you are home or spend time with older kids.


You eat at least one meal together most days.


Put-downs and mean-spirited teasing are not allowed in your home.


You have laughed together at least once this week.


You listen to each other with respect even when you disagree.


You usually know what your child worries about.


You talk about your family traditions, history, and ancestors.


You have predictable opportunities for each family member to be heard--casual discussions, family meetings, a family journal, car conversations.


You know your child's favorite song, music group, or sports team.


Your family watches less than 7 hours of TV a week.

Your result is:
Not as Connected as You Can Be

Your family definitely needs to take more time for one another.

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Your result is:
Somewhat Connected

You're off to a good start, but your family could use some strengthening.

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Your result is:
Very Connected

You're doing amazingly well at keeping your family connected in a stressful world!

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