When a new pet becomes a part of the family, a harmonious relationship is formed. Take this quiz to discover which type of pet reflects and enhances your personality.

Allen and Linda Anderson are a husband-and-wife writing team. They are authors of the popular "Angel Animals" book series and founders of the Angel Animals Network. You can join their Angel Pets Fan Club on Beliefnet.

What best describes how you act when you attend a large party?


What three words would close friends use to describe you?


What are some of your favorite foods?


How do you usually exercise?


What does "home" mean to you?


If your friend is feeling blue, how would you comfort him or her?


What is your attitude toward change?


What is your favorite way to relax and unwind?


What best describes the kind of occupation you’d most like to have?


How would you describe your spiritual life?


How would you describe your physical health and stamina?


How do you feel about revealing yourself to others?

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a Dog Personality
Dogs are affectionate, loyal, and masters at unconditional love. They give service and instinctively become valued members of a team. Dogs require physical and emotional attention. Just like a dog, you are honest and friendly with time and money to meet a dog's needs. If you're looking for a pet, you will find no better companion and unwavering best friend than a dog.

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a Cat Personality
Cats defy tradition and have a well-earned reputation for being independent. They are quiet and wise. They reserve their affection for humans and other animals they believe to be deserving. Just like a cat, you are a self-sufficient person who enjoys solitude and may have some secrets you don't care to share. If you're looking for a pet, a cat could be just the silent listener you need.

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a Fish Personality
Fish are colorful, mellow, charming, and fun to watch. They don't require much attention but respond easily to it. They'd rather swim away than confront danger. Just like a fish, you are a person who enjoys floating with whatever possibilities come your way without getting attached to them. If you're looking for a pet, a fish can keep you amused without making demands.
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a Rabbit Personality
Rabbits tend to like routine and are more secure as followers than as leaders. They don't require a lot of attention but practically cuddle on command. They are always up for playtime. Just like a rabbit, you tend to be cautious, even fearful, of strange people or situations. If you're looking for a pet, a rabbit will value security and a gentle, loving hand.
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a Horse Personality
Horses are intelligent and highly sensitive to the emotions around them. They tend to have a strong streak of stubbornness, but when someone wins them over with affection versus intimidation, they are loyal for life. Just like a horse, you need freedom and space. If you're looking for a pet, a horse would be a nature-loving, lifelong companion.
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