Animal totems are usually associated with the spiritual culture of Native Americans, but they are also common in the spiritual traditions of Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe. An animal totem is a teacher and a guide, not necessarily an animal that characterizes you. Determining your animal totem is less about finding an animal that is like you and more about discovering an animal with characteristics you can learn from the most. Learning your animal totem can also help you find the domestic equivalent for your home. Take this quiz to discover your animal totem for guidance.

O'rya Hyde-Keller is a writer based in Providence, R.I.

In which natural setting do you feel most at peace?


What’s your vision of the perfect partnership?


What do you believe is the best way children should be raised?


How would you describe your ideal home?


How would you resolve a conflict you have with a friend?


How would your family members and closest friends describe you?


Which spiritual/self-help classic would be your life guide?


You always watch this movie over and over, but you’re not sure why.


What would be your ideal job title?


What is your dream vacation, the one you always talk about?

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a Mountain Lion
Lions are solitary and self-sufficient.  Female lions are incredibly nurturing parents. keeping their young with them for a long time. From these confident hunters, learn to be more independent while still making connections with others. With a mountain lion as your animal totem, set aside space for you and don't be influenced by other people’s opinions. A cat would be the perfect domestic pet.

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a Wolf
Despite the “lone wolf" stereotype, wolves are communal animals with a complex hierarchy and deep ties to the pack. From these social creatures, learn how to form community and interact better with those you love. With a wolf as your animal totem, convey your needs and desires more clearly and form a deeper connection with others. A dog would be the perfect domestic pet.

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a Rainbow Trout
Rainbow trout travel thousands of miles--through rivers and oceans--to spawn. From these intrepid solo travelers, learn how to incorporate more adventure and fun into your life without depending on others. With a rainbow trout as your animal totem, explore your playful side and find your own path by infusing excitement into the everyday. A fish would be the perfect domestic pet.

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a Bald Eagle
A bald eagle’s eyesight is more powerful than humans; no wonder it's a symbol of perception and wisdom. Highly adaptable, they even build nests on top of giant cacti. From these flexible predators, learn how to see situations clearly and adjust to what life throws your way. With a bald eagle as your animal totem, gain a deeper understanding of your life. A bird would be the perfect domestic pet.

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a Beaver
The term “busy as a beaver” comes from the beaver's ceaseless drive building elaborate dams and canals. From these diligent creators, learn how to collaborate with others and have a good work ethic to achieve your goals. With a beaver as your animal totem, figure out a way to fulfill your dreams and make changes in your life. A hamster or guinea pig would be the perfect domestic pet.

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