Symptoms of stress can vary from teen to teen, so knowing what is normal behavior for your child and noticing any changes from that is important.

What You Can Do to Help Your Teen Handle Stress

Most teens are ill equipped to handle high stress levels. They simply haven’t developed the coping mechanisms necessary for dealing with stress effectively. As a parent, grandparent, or any other adult who loves and cares for a teen, teaching them these skills and helping to reduce the stress whenever possible is crucial.

One of the biggest things you can do for your teen is to make sure they know that you love and accept them no matter what their grades are, what their social challenges are, or what is going on in the family. The security of love and acceptance that a parent provides for a child is crucial at any age and will help keep them from feeling too isolated.

You can also ensure that they understand the importance of healthy eating routines, sleep habits, and regular exercise. Sleep especially in the teen years is an important factor in regulating stress. And it’s something that many teens often forgo as they try to accomplish everything on their plates.

Most of us can’t completely get away from stress. As adults it’s just part of life. Many of us find ways to manage it and hopefully don’t allow it to affect our health and happiness. For teens, however, stress can feel like a monster that has taken over their life and is preventing them from feeling happy. If you have a teen in your life that is struggling to manage stress and your efforts haven’t worked, please consider seeing a counselor. It can be much easier to deal with things and learn new coping mechanisms when you allow an expert to help.